Jim Hoagland

Jim Hoagland is a Pulitzer Prize winner and Annenberg Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution. For five decades he has been an editor and reporter for the Washington Post.


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Beyond Disruption

Edited by: George P. Shultz, Jim Hoagland, James Timbie
ISBN: 978-0-8179-2145-3

Beyond Disruption: Technology's Challenge to Governance delivers a fine-tuned perspective on how the unprecedented pace of emerging innovations is impacting 21st century society. In a riveting look at technology’s influence on political systems and the well-being of the human race, commentaries assembled by George P. Shultz, Jim Hoagland, and James Timbie systematically evaluate how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is set to transform international relations and manipulate economic growth and virtual communications.

Originating from a fall 2017 Hoover Institution conference, the authors evocatively take on the plight of modern technology—from the vulnerabilities of the global operating system to the benefits of sophisticated medical diagnostic tools.

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