Bertrand M. Patenaude

Bertrand M. Patenaude is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. He is a lecturer in history and international relations at Stanford University. His most recent book is Trotsky: Downfall of a Revolutionary, published by HarperCollins in 2009. He is also the author of A Wealth of Ideas: Revelations from the Hoover Institution Archives (Stanford University Press, 2006), a richly illustrated coffee-table book that showcases the Hoover Archives’ extraordinary collections, which span the entire twentieth century. His first book, The Big Show in Bololand: The American Relief Expedition to Soviet Russia in the Famine of 1921 (Stanford University Press, 2002) won the 2003 Marshall Shulman Book Prize and is the basis for a forthcoming documentary film produced for the award-winning PBS series American Experience.


Bertrand M. Patenaude's Books

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Defining Moments

Author: Bertrand M. Patenaude
ISBN: 978-0-8179-2274-0

Defining Moments recounts the history of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University from its 1919 founding by Herbert Hoover as a library collection focused on the causes and consequences of World War I to its evolution into one of the world’s premier research centers devoted to politics, economics, and global affairs. Rare photographs, political posters, and archival gems illustrate the growth of Hoover’s collections on war, revolution, and peace over a century and chronicle the institution’s emergence as a public-policy center promoting peace, prosperity, and democracy.

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War, Revolution, and Peace in Russia

Editors: Terence Emmons, Bertrand M. Patenaude
ISBN: 978-0-8179-9192-0

Frank Golder's writings from Russia, published here for the first time, detail the dramatic events he observed from the twilight of imperial rule to the dawn of Stalinsim. He provides a firsthand account of the tumultuous events that transformed Russian politics, society, and culture from the last years of the Romanov dynasty through the first decade of Bolshevik power.

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