Richard B. McKenzie

Richard B. McKenzie is Professor of Economics at Clemson University. A syndicated radio commentator or economic issues and an award-winning teacher, he has published numerous scholarly articles ranging in subject from the economics of education to applied microeconomics. Besides the present work, he has authored or coauthored a number of other books, including New World of Economics, which has been used since 1975 in over 500 colleges and universities around the world and has been translated into three languages. Noting the calrity of argument and readability of this work, the Wall Street Journal began its review with the question "How long has it been since you curled up with a delightful textbook on economics? Absurd though that may sound, you may want to take The New World of Economics to bed with you some night soon." Readers will find that the Journal's comments apply equally to Bound To Be Free.

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Bound to Be Free

Author: Richard B. McKenzie
ISBN: 978-0-8179-7551-7

Why is it that in the land of the free, special interests control what you eat, wear, and drive, while the government tells you how your children will be educated and how much you'll pay for life's essentials? McKenzie argues that the key to each person's freedom is a business community free of government favor as well as interference.

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