Helena Paderewska

Helena Paderewska was born Helena Rosen in 1856 in Warsaw, the daughter of a Polish father and a Greek mother. In addition to collaborating on her husband’s accomplishments, she founded and directed the Polish White Cross, which enlisted almost twenty thousand members’ bringing assistance to victims of war, a humanitarian and patriotic effort on a scale previously unknown.

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Helena Paderewska

Memoir by: Helena Paderewska   Editor: Maciej Siekierski
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1864-4

Helena Paderewska, the wife of celebrated pianist Ignacy Jan Paderewski, tells the story of her husband’s grassroots efforts to influence the course of history for their native Poland after World War I. She tells how, using his personal fame and charisma, Paderewski gained access to the top political leadership of France, Britain, and the United States and became an eloquent spokesman for the then-occupied country of his birth.

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