Thomas H. Jackson

Thomas H. Jackson is a distinguished university professor and president emeritus from the University of Rochester. Formerly a professor at Stanford and Harvard Law Schools and dean at the University of Virginia School of Law, he is currently a member of the Resolution Project at the Hoover Institution's Working Group on Economic Policy.

Thomas H. Jackson's Books

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Making Failure Feasible

Editors: Thomas H. Jackson, Kenneth E. Scott, John B. Taylor
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1884-2

A distinguished group of contributors expands on the Resolution Group’s proposal for a Chapter 14 addition to the Bankruptcy Code that includes provisions that would lead to quicker resolution, clear outcomes that would not be dependent on government discretion and that would mesh with emerging ideas about cross-border resolution. The contributors provide the context for reform, outline the fundamental principles of reform, and show how reform would work in practice.

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