Thomas H. Henriksen

TThomas H. Henriksen is an emeritus senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, where he focuses on American foreign policy, international political affairs, and insurgencies. He specializes in the study of US diplomatic and military courses of action toward terrorist havens in the non-Western world and toward rogue regimes.


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Eyes, Ears, and Daggers

Author: Thomas H. Henriksen
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1974-0

Thomas H. Henriksen examines the warrior-spy connection both before and after the formation of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), suggesting that their history contains instances of cooperating, competing, circumventing, and even cutting each other out of the action until their current close alignment.

Henriksen shows how, by adopting an intelligence-driven, targeted counterstrike weapon against terrorists, the United States went from a Cold War Goliath to a more nimble force, thanks largely to the SOF and CIA contributions. Through revisiting and appreciating their respective histories before their partnering to combat Islamist terrorism, he provides a clear understanding of their interaction and offers lessons for the struggle against extremist violence.

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Foreign Policy for America in the Twenty-first Century

Editor: Thomas H. Henriksen
ISBN: 978-0-8179-2792-9

In its unprecedented position as sole world superpower, the United States must judiciously consider what course to take in foreign affairs. Foreign Policy for America's Twenty-first Century: Alternative Perspectives presents six carefully crafted and bold approaches to this problem from some of the nation's foremost foreign policy experts. Chosen not for their unanimity but for their conflicting visions, these essays are written in accessible prose without esoteric language or scholarly jargon. Such issues as grand strategy, globalization, isolationism, and free trade are discussed in the context of a post-cold war world and a new century.

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One Korea?

Editors: Thomas H. Henriksen, Kyongsoo Lho
ISBN: 978-0-8179-9292-7

A distinguished panel of scholars from around the world convened at the Hoover Institution in June 1993 to assess prospects for a reunited Korea. Scenarios for reunification identified at that conference are presented in this volume.

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