Kenneth Anderson

Kenneth Anderson is a professor of international law at Washington College of Law, American University, Washington, DC, and a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution. He specializes in international law. Formerly general counsel to the Open Society Institute and director of the Human Rights Watch Arms Division, Anderson has written Living with the UN: American Responsibilities and International Order (2012), and a new book with Benjamin Wittes, Speaking the Law: The Obama Administration’s Addresses on National Security Law (2013), both published by the Hoover Institution Press. Anderson blogs at the law professor websites Volokh Conspiracy and Opinio Juris, and is the book review editor of the national security law website Lawfare.


Kenneth Anderson's Books

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Speaking the Law

Authors: Kenneth Anderson, Benjamin Wittes
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1654-1

The authors offer an examination of the speeches of the Obama administration on national security legal issues. Viewed together here for the first time, they lay out a broad array of legal and policy positions regarding a large number of principles currently contested at both the domestic and international levels.

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Living with the UN

Author: Kenneth Anderson
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1344-1

International legal scholar Kenneth Anderson analyzes US-UN relations in each major aspect of the United Nations' work-security, human rights and universal values, and development-and offers workable, practical principles for US policy toward the United Nations. He addresses the crucial question of whether, when, and how the United States should engage or not engage with the United Nations in each of its many different organs and activities, giving workable, pragmatic meaning to "multilateral engagement" across the full range of the United Nations' work.

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