Fouad Ajami

Fouad Ajami was a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and the cochair of the Working Group on Islamism and the International Order. He was also the Majid Khadurri Professor of Middle East Studies at The Johns Hopkins University, the School of Advanced International Studies.


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The Struggle for Mastery in the Fertile Crescent

Author: Fouad Ajami
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1755-5

Fouad Ajami analyzes the struggle for influence along the Fertile Crescent—the stretch of land that runs from Iran's border with Iraq to the Meditterranean—among three of the regional powers who have stepped into the vacuum left by the West: Iran, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. He explains that, of the three powers competing for influence, Saudi Arabia and Iran are in it for the long haul. Each of those powers has a sense of mission and constituencies that enable them to stick it out and pay the price for a sphere of influence. Ajami details each country's prospects for supremacy and asserts that Iran must ultimately be reckoned to be the strongest.

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In This Arab Time

Author: Fouad Ajami
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1494-3

In this collection of bold and wide-ranging essays, Fouad Ajami offers his views on the Middle East, commenting on the state of affairs in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt and more. He brings into focus the current struggles of the region through detailed historical standpoints and a highly personal perspective.

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The Syrian Rebellion

Author: Fouad Ajami
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1504-9

Fouad Ajami offers a detailed historical perspective on the current rebellion in Syria. Focusing on the similarities and differences in skills between former dictator Hafez al-Assad and his successor son, Bashar, Ajami explains how an irresistible force clashed with an immovable object: the regime versus people who conquered fear to challenge a despot of unspeakable cruelty.

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