Charles Blahous

Charles "Chuck" Blahous, one of the nation's foremost Social Security experts, serves as one of two public trustees for the Social Security and Medicare programs. He also served as deputy director of President George W. Bush's national Economic Council and, before that, as executive director of the president's bipartisan Social Security Commission and as special assistant for economic policy. continued

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Pension Wise

Author: Charles Blahous
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1214-7

Charles Blahous, one of the nation's foremost retirement security experts, explains the origins and dangers of current underfunding in our single-employer defined-benefit pension system and outlines the options for solving the problem and preventing the next taxpayer-financed bailout. He provides a tutorial on the basic workings of pension law, reviews the recent history that led to the worsening condition of the pension insurance system, and suggests a range of reforms to improve the system's operation and to resolve the projected shortfall.

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Social Security

Author: Charles Blahous
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1194-2

Arguing that an equitable Social Security solution will be unattainable unless we bring stakeholders together around a common understanding of the facts and of the need to take action to address them, former White House adviser Charles Blahous presents some often misunderstood, basic factual background about Social Security. He discusses how it affects program participants and explains the true demographic, economic, and political factors that threaten its future efficacy.

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