Scott W. Atlas, MD

Scott W. Atlas, MD, is the David and Joan Traitel Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and a member of Hoover Institution’s Working Group on Health Care Policy. He investigates the impact of government and the private sector on access, quality, pricing, and innovation in health care, and he is a frequent policy adviser to government leaders in those areas.


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Restoring Quality Health Care

Author: Scott W. Atlas MD
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1944-3

Dr. Scott Atlas presents key reforms to meet the significant health care challenges facing the nation after examining the status of US health care, particularly in light of the Affordable Care Act. Atlas proposes a six-point, strategic, incentive-based reform plan for health care to instill market-based competition, empower consumers, and reduce the federal government’s authority over health care. Those reforms focus on restoring the appropriate incentives to increase the quality of health care and reduce its costs.

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Reforming America's Health Care System

Editor: Scott W. Atlas MD
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1274-1

Health policy experts from the United States, Canada, and Western Europe discuss both what to expect from the recent health reform legislation and alternatives that should still be considered. The contributors argue that Americans already have a superior health care system and that if Congress enacts reforms that remove artificial barriers and constructively open markets to competition, private-sector creativity will generate innovative, low-cost insurance products for tens of millions of consumers.

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In Excellent Health

Author: Scott W. Atlas MD
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1444-8

In Excellent Health offers an alternative view of the much maligned state of health care in America, using facts and peer-reviewed data to challenge the statistics often cited as evidence that medical care in the United States is substandard and poor in value relative to that of other countries. The author proposes a complete plan for reform in three critical areas of the health care puzzle—tax structure, private insurance markets, and government health insurance programs—designed to maintain choice and access to excellence and facilitate competition.

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