Edward P. Lazear

Edward P. Lazear, Morris Arnold Cox Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, was named to President Bush's new advisory Tax Reform Panel. Lazear will work with nine other panel members to look into revenue-neutral policy options for reforming the Federal Internal Revenue Code. Lazear is also the Jack Steele Parker Professor of Human Resources, Management and Economics (1995) at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, where he has taught since 1992. He taught previously at the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business, where he was the Brown Professor of Urban and Labor Economics.


Edward P. Lazear's Books

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Education in the Twenty-first Century

Editor: Edward P. Lazear
ISBN: 978-0-8179-2892-6

In this thought-provoking volume, scholars offer evidence, insights, and ideas on key policy questions affecting education—such as national exams, accountability, performance, and other vital issues, while detailing the importance of education to both the individual and society as a whole.

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Searching for Alternatives

Editors: Melvyn B. Krauss, Edward P. Lazear
ISBN: 978-0-8179-9142-5

A survey of the drug policy debate, Searching for Alternatives features essays by thirty respected champions of divergent views.

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Economic Transition in Eastern Europe and Russia

Editor: Edward P. Lazear
ISBN: 978-0-8179-9332-0

Thirteen essays by acknowledged economic experts explore the rapid changes in the transition economies of Eastern Europe, with discussions on political and economic freedom, monetary control and privatization, labor markets and social safety nets, and taxation and crime.

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