Vietnam Under Communism, 1975-1982

Vietnam Under Communism, 1975-1982

Author: Nguyen Van Canh
ISBN: 978-0-8179-7852-5
Publication Date: 7/29/1985
Pages: 312

Since the end of the Vietnam conflict, there have been many books on the United States' involvement in Vietnam. But they have focused on the United States, not Vietnam. Few authors have concentrated on Vietnam itself; even fewer have studied what has happened in South Vietnam since the communist take-over. Vietnam Under Communism is devoted to this neglected subject.

Based on his own experiences, extensive use of primary and secondary sources, and interviews with Vietnamese refugees who lived under the new order, Nguyen Van Canh analyzes the contemporary political and administrative structure of Vietnam and its leaders, culture, education, economy, and foreign policy. Several chapters are devoted to the apparatus of repression—what the author calls Vietnam's bamboo gulag, the "re-education" camps that have swallowed up most of the leadership strata of South Vietnam. An important section details the fate of religious believers and churches since 1975.

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Nguyen Van Canh

Nguyen Van Canh was born in 1936 in the province of Bac-ninh near Hanoi. He obtained a doctoral degree in public law from the University of Saigon in 1971 and was a professor of law and politics and deputy dean of the Faculty of Law at that university until the fall of South Vietnam.

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Review by: King C. Chen, Political Science Quarterly - September 22, 1984
"Impressive… The story presented here, albeit strongly critical of the Communist regime, is a personal, heartfelt, and hard-to-obtain account that deserves our serious attention."
Review by: Thanh Nguyen, Policy Digest - May 1, 1984
"Canh's detailed study reveals that unlike America's stone memorial, Vietnam's lasting memorial to its war is a living legacy of broken promises, human suffering and a perisitent struggle by freedom-loving people against communist tyranny."
Review: Foreign Affairs - October 1, 1983
"The author provides a thorough account of the structure of Vietnamese society under communism, drawing both on official statements and on interviews with refugees. The picture that emerges is grim."
Review: Indochina Chronology - July 1, 1983
"Nguyen Van Canh is the latest welcome addition to what still is a woefully short list of books about Vietnam by Vietnamese… Make no mistake, this is an authentic Vietnamese voice speaking."

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