To Promote Peace

To Promote Peace

U.S. Foreign Policy in the Mid-1980s

Editor: Dennis L. Bark
ISBN: 978-0-8179-7941-6
Publication Date: 3/12/1984

Sharing the premise that an adequate, credible defense is the best guarantee of peace, sixteen distinguished foreign policy experts test the chances of peace by examining present American foreign policy in To Promote Peace. Addressing the broadest possible spectrum of issues, they develop fresh ideas and innovative policy approaches at every turn. Their essays--always challenging, clear, and incisive--furnish a realistic blueprint for peace in a world dominated by nuclear fantasies and high-tech buzz words.

Declaring that the Allies must now begin to bear their fair share of NATO's common defense, Melvyn Krauss argues the time has come to begin the phase-out of U.S. forces in Europe. Pointing out that compromised intelligence has already squandered away much of our technological advantage vis-a-vis the USSR and put us at nuclear risk, Arnold Beichman demands that top priority be given to the establishment of an effective, sophisticated intelligence network, free from congressional hindrance. Showing how detente-inspired build-down has already put NATO forces in a no-options posture with respect to tactical nuclear weapons, H. Joachim Maitre explores the function of a variety of weapons systems in achieving true mutual deterrence.

From an analysis of the critical relationship between energy supply and peace to tough and well-reasoned predictive pieces on what the future holds in areas of strategic importance—the Middle East, the Pacific Basin, the Americas—To Promote Peace is not afraid to spark debate and seek new initiatives and direction.

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Dennis L. Bark

Dennis L. Bark, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, is a historian and political scientist in the field of European studies. He writes and lectures on European affairs and the transatlantic relationship, with special emphasis on France and Germany.

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