The Middle East and North Africa

The Middle East and North Africa

The Challenge to Western Security

Authors: Lewis H. Gann, Peter Duignan
ISBN: 978-0-8179-7392-6
Publication Date: 5/5/1981

This book takes a new look at this troubled portion of the globe from the standpoint of America's national interests. The Middle East, by reason of its size, strategic location, the instability of its politics, and its natural resources, holds the world's attention. Authors Duignan and Gann pay special attention to the problem of oil and the United States' political relationship with this area of the world.

Specific areas of conflict are explored--the Maghreb, Israel and its neighbors, Lebanon, the Persian Gulf, and Turkey--as well as the growth of Soviet power in the Middle East. The authors provide specific policy recommendations, whose adoption--they hope--will turn the tide. The future of man kind might once again be decided by peace or war in the Middle East.

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Lewis H. Gann

The late Lewis H. Gann was a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution: he died in January 1997.

Peter Duignan

Peter J. Duignan was a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. He wrote extensively on comparative colonial history, modern European history, African documentation and bibliography, Hispanics in the United States, U.S. foreign policy, Africa, immigration to the United States, and the Atlantic Alliance (the U.S. and Europe since 1945). His research focused on the role of immigration in the making and remaking of America, Islamic fundamentalism, and Americans and African-Americans in Africa and Africans in America, a study of reciprocal relations.


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