Saudi Arabia and the New Strategic Landscape

Saudi Arabia and the New Strategic Landscape

Author: Joshua Teitelbaum
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1105-8
Publication Date: 4/26/2010
Pages: 67

In the new post-cold war strategic landscape of the Middle East, the United States' most important Arab ally, Saudi Arabia, plays a key role. The will and the resources of Saudi Arabia are badly needed if the Iranian menace is to have a worthwhile regional challenger. Joshua Teitelbaum has studied Saudi Arabia, following the twists of its history and its strategic choices, throughout his academic career. In this work, he evaluates Saudi foreign policy in the Persian Gulf and in the Arab-Israeli peace process and provides a shrewd assessment of the Saudi-U.S. relationship.

Teitelbaum debunks the traditional view of Saudi foreign policy that emphasizes the Saudi concern with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and explains how the true concern of Arabia's rulers is the ideological battle that has been opened up by Iran's push into Arab affairs. He tells why U.S. policy makers should be encouraged to cement the alliance with Saudi Arabia by resolutely addressing the Iranian threat to Saudi domestic politics and Riyadh's regional position. Saudi Arabia and the New Strategic Landscape is a detailed look into the way the Saudi rulers juggle the pressures and claims that intrude on their domain.

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Joshua Teitelbaum

Joshua Teitelbaum was a W. Glenn Campbell and Rita Ricardo-Campbell National Fellow for 2008–2009 and was in residence from March to July 2009. Teitelbaum is a senior fellow at the Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Tel Aviv University, and the Goldman Visiting Associate Professor at Stanford’s Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law. His research interests include Saudi Arabia, U.S. Middle East policy, and liberalization in the Middle East. He is an associate of the Proteus Management Group; the U.S. Army War College, Office of the Director, National Intelligence; and a captain (res.) in the Israel Defense Forces. Teitelbaum is the author of Holier Than Thou: Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Opposition; Political Liberalization in the Persian Gulf (editor); and The Rise and Fall of the Hashemite Kingdom of Arabia. He received a grant from the Israel Science Foundation for his current work on tribe, Islam, and jihad in Saudi Arabia. Teitelbaum received his PhD in Middle Eastern history from Tel Aviv University.


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