Memoirs of a Lost World

Memoirs of a Lost World

ISBN: 978-9-997-57291-2
Publication Date: 1/1/1975
Pages: 308

The lost world luminously recalled here by Lascelle de Basily encompasses a charmed past in which she traveled and resided in countries on four continents - a past studded with piquant adventures, with countless moments of sheer joy with terror-filled days and nights during the Russian Revolution, with meetings and friendships with notables of many nationalities. Whether she is describing tumultuous events or quiet pleasures, the lyricism of her prose matches that of her poetry. Among her kaleidoscopic impressions is an evocation of an enchanted childhood that is in refreshing contrast to the horrendous early days recorded by so many contemporary writers. Particularly delightful and unusual are Lascelle de Basily's recollections of days of youth spent in a remote northern province of Korea.

In a book filled with love of people and places, it is Lascelle de Basily's measureless love fore her husband, Nicolas, a Diplomat of Imperial Russia, that suffuses the whole. She has led a life and been enfolded in a love that for most of us could be but a dream. In fact, she herself ponders whether the life she so poignantly recalls was indeed a reality. The world described her is truly a lost world. Yet, as these pages reveal, Lascelle de Basily, unlike so many of us, whatever our circumstances, has never lost one of the most precious things in life-a sense of wonder.

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