Blueprint for America

Blueprint for America

Editor: George P. Shultz
ISBN: 978-0-8179-1995-5
Publication Date: 10/1/2016

The American ability to inspire—which we call exceptionalism—is not automatic. It takes continued efforts to be realized in a changing world. In this book, scholars at the Hoover Institution—professors, thinkers, and practitioners of global renown in their respective fields—offer a series of accessible policy ideas for civic, economic, and security architecture that would shore up the long-term foundations of American strengths.

Blueprint takes a beyond-the-Beltway look at the basic policies that should be prioritized by the next president and Congress. Economists Michael Boskin, John Cogan, John Cochrane, and John Taylor address questions of entitlement reform, deficits, monetary reform, national debt, and regulatory and tax reform. Scott Atlas draws on his experience in the practice of medicine to tackle the Affordable Care Act and propose incentive-based health care reforms. Cochrane returns to reframe the hot-button political discourses on immigration and international trade. Eric Hanushek addresses the current performance—and reform—of K–12 education. Retired admiral James Ellis, retired general Jim Mattis, and Kori Schake offer their visions of how to restore America’s national security through proactive and realistic agenda setting. Ellis follows with a rethink of energy security strategy in an era of abundance; James Goodby expounds on the country’s practice of diplomacy in a time of turbulent transition. George Shultz draws from his experiences in government, industry, and academia to lead off each section with a range of clear-eyed observations on spending, human resources, foreign policy, and, in conclusion, the art of governance.

The spirit of Blueprint for America is positive and grounded in first principles, offering ideas, diagnoses, solutions, and road maps for the long view.

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George P. Shultz

George Pratt Shultz has had a distinguished career in government, academia, and the world of business. He is one of two individuals to have held four different federal cabinet posts; has taught at three of this country’s great universities; and for eight years was president of a major engineering and construction company. Shultz was sworn in on July 16, 1982, as the sixtieth US secretary of state, serving until January 20, 1989.


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CHAPTER 1: The Domestic Landscape, by Michael J. Boskin
IN BRIEF: Spending, by George P. Shultz
CHAPTER 2: Entitlements and the Budget, by John F. Cogan
CHAPTER 3: A Blueprint for Tax Reform, by Michael J. Boskin
CHAPTER 4: Transformational Health Care Reform, by Scott W. Atlas
CHAPTER 5: Reforming Regulation, by Michael J. Boskin
CHAPTER 6: National and International Monetary Reform, by John B. Taylor
CHAPTER 7: A Blueprint for Effective Financial Reform, by John H. Cochrane
IN BRIEF: National Human Resources, by George P. Shultz
CHAPTER 8: Education and the Nation’s Future, by Eric A. Hanushek
CHAPTER 9: Trade and Immigration, by John H. Cochrane
IN BRIEF: A World Awash in Change, by George P. Shultz
CHAPTER 10: Restoring Our National Security, by James O. Ellis Jr., James N. Mattis, and Kori Schake
CHAPTER 11: Redefining Energy Security, by James O. Ellis Jr.
CHAPTER 12: Diplomacy in a Time of Transition, by James E. Goodby
CLOSING NOTE: The Art and Practice of Governance, by George P. Shultz

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