Beyond Disruption

Beyond Disruption

Technology's Challenge to Governance

Edited by: George P. Shultz, Jim Hoagland, James Timbie
ISBN: 978-0-8179-2145-3
Publication Date: 6/1/2018

Localized additive manufacturing. Practical artificial intelligence. Tabletop gene editing. Ubiquitous networked sensors. Cyber-physical systems. Mass-produced autonomous drones. Global networked media. Planetary ecosystem manipulation.

With the advent of emerging 21st century technologies, the world ahead will not be anything like the world behind us. They cannot be stopped. How will they change our societies and our national security? And will our democratic institutions—rooted in the 18th century—be able to keep up with the unprecedented speed of our scientists and engineers?

In Beyond Disruption: Technology's Challenge to Governance, experts from academia, media, government, and the military wrestle with understanding the nature of these technologies' threats to our societies and their great potential for our economies. In a series of vivid analyses and colorful commentary from a conference at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, the authors expand upon their first-hand interpretations of what’s at stake for the global operating system in the midst of turbulent change. In the dynamic game of world order, it's a primer for decision makers on where the puck is headed.

Contributors: William Drozdiak; Admiral James O. Ellis; Jr.; Niall Ferguson; T.X. Hammes; Charles Hill; Raymond Jeanloz; David M. Kennedy; Harley McAdams; Lucy Shapiro; Christopher Stubbs; John B. Taylor; James Timbie

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George P. Shultz

George Pratt Shultz has had a distinguished career in government, academia, and the world of business. He is one of two individuals to have held four different federal cabinet posts; has taught at three of this country’s great universities; and for eight years was president of a major engineering and construction company. Shultz was sworn in on July 16, 1982, as the sixtieth US secretary of state, serving until January 20, 1989.


James Timbie

James Timbie is an Annenberg Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution. He was previously a senior advisor at the State Department between 1983 and 2016.


Jim Hoagland

Jim Hoagland is a Pulitzer Prize winner and Annenberg Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution. For five decades he has been an editor and reporter for the Washington Post.


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