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Conscription: A Select and Annotated Bibliography
Conscription: A Select and Annotated Bibliography
Author: Martin Anderson
Pub Date: 
July 01, 1976
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This book is no longer available in print form. However, a Google Editions e-book version can be purchased here.

The public policy issue of how to man the armed forces of the United States in the years ahead is almost certain to be controversial and prolonged. After more than two decades of relying on the draft, the United States switched to an all-volunteer force in 1971. While this was apparently successful, there are many influential groups that are actively seeking to abolish the volunteer force and return to a military draft. Some would even go so far as to establish universal national service for all young men and women.

The history of conscription, especially in the United States, includes an extraordinary amount of material-both fact and theory-that is essential to anyone trying to deal with the issue now. This book is of primary importance to those who will participate in the continuing debate.

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