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Conversations about Energy: How the Experts See America's Energy Choices
Conversations about Energy: How the Experts See America's Energy Choices
Editors: Jeremy Carl, James E. Goodby
Pub Date: 
November 12, 2010
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Over the past forty years, our energy policies have left us in a place that is dangerous to our economy, our national security, and our climate. But we still have a chance to get it right. In Conversations About Energy, members of the Hoover Energy Task Force offer ideas and recommendations that might improve the performance of the United States in responding to the energy challenge. Their recommendations cover a number of key policy areas, including: distributed energy, energy efficiency, internationalizing the nuclear fuel cycle, synthetic biology issues and prospects, putting a price on carbon, sustained support for research and development, and emerging international energy relationships.

In addition to members of the Hoover Energy Task Force, other energy experts, entrepreneurs, scientists, and economists offer their input, all sharing the conviction that formulating good energy policy is one of the nation's most important challenges. If we can learn from the mistakes of the past that we have made in these and other policy areas, we can build a bridge to a cleaner and more secure energy future.

Jeremy Carl is a PhD candidate in the Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources and a research Fellow with the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development at Stanford University.

James E. Goodby is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and a senior fellow with the Center for Northeast Asia Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution.


Conversations about Energy: How the Experts See America's Energy Choices, edited by Carl and Goodby
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