Select Telegrams between Chiang Kai-shek and T. V. Soong (1940–1943)

Select Telegrams between Chiang Kai-shek and T. V. Soong (1940–1943)

Editors: Tai-Chun Kuo, Wu Jingping
ISBN: 978-7-309-05956-4
Publication Date: 10/15/2008
Pages: 382

This collection of more than 400 telegrams exchanged from 1940 to 1943 between T. V. Soong and Chiang Kai-shek, two of the most important figures in modern Chinese history, present an illuminating portrait of T.V. Soong's political and diplomatic careers in World War II. His correspondence with Chiang Kai-shek during this critical period also provides new understanding of the U.S.-China relationship during World War II, offering a close examination of the differences in political culture, cognitions, and beliefs of the two nations.

By examining these carefully selected and meticulously translated telegrams, we see how and why the Sino-American relationship was revitalized during wartime, and how T.V. Soong contributed to that relationship, skillfully creating a strong relationship between China and the U.S. government. The book includes a useful index of names and special terms.

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Tai-Chun Kuo

Tai-chun Kuo is a research fellow at Hoover Institution, Stanford University. Previously, she was a visiting lecturer at the Center for East Asian Studies, Stanford University (2003) and an associate professor at the Graduate Institute of American Studies, Tamkang University (Taiwan, 1997–2000). She served as press secretary to the Republic of China (ROC) president (1990–95), deputy director–general of the First Bureau of the Presidential Office (1989–97), and director of the ROC Government Information Office in Boston (1987–88).


Wu Jingping

Wu Jingping is Professor in the Department of History, Fudan University. He received a Ph.D. in Law from Renmin University of China in 1990. At Fudan, Dr. Wu is the current Director of the Asia Research Center, the Director of China Financial History Center, and the university committee member. He is also appointed as member of the Commission of Academic Degree Appraisal of the State Council, the National Social Science Foundation Appraisal Expert, and the Representative of Shanghai City Congress.

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