Paul Robert Hanna

Paul Robert Hanna

A Life of Expanding Communities

Author: Jared R. Stallones
ISBN: 978-0-8179-2832-2
Publication Date: 5/31/2002
Pages: 338

Paul Robert Hanna had an immense, lasting impact on education in both the United States and abroad. Over a career of more than fifty years, his diverse contributions included a curriculum design that became the standard for elementary school social studies instruction, new formulations of the community school concept for international development education, the production of dozens of textbooks, and the creation of an important resource for research in the instrumental uses of education. Yet, despite his long career and major contributions to education, there has been no comprehensive biography of Hanna available—until now.

At last analyzing and placing in context Hanna's vast contributions, Paul Robert Hanna: A Life of Expanding Communities illuminates the life of a man who played a major role in the history of education in the twentieth century. From the beginnings of his career in the rural Midwest to its peak as a leading figure in education, these chapters reveal the personal "expanding communities" of influence Hanna achieved throughout his life, including his work at Teacher's College of Columbia and Stanford University, his establishment of the Stanford International Development Education Center, the development of the analysis of the relationship between schools and modern social, political, and economic institutions, his role in founding and leading professional organizations for educators, his consulting work in East Asia, Africa, Europe, and Central and South America, and much more.

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Jared R. Stallones

Jared R. Stallones, an assistant professor of education at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California, has worked in teacher education at the University of Texas and at California State University, Fresno. His research interests include the history and philosophy of education, school reform, and social science education.

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  Acknowledgments      xi
1 Introduction      1
Organization and Sources      4
The Nature of Biography      8
Conclusion      10
2 Paul Hanna’s Childhood, Youth, and Young Adulthood      11
Childhood      11
Youth      19
Hanna at Hamline University      23
Conclusion      28
3 Paul Hanna at Teachers College, Columbia University      31
The Early Years at Teachers College      32
Hanna at West Winfield      35
Return to Teachers College      40
Influences on Hanna’s Thought Regarding the Role of the School      46
The Virginia Curriculum Study      52
Leaving Teachers College      58
Conclusion      59
4 Paul Hanna at Stanford University      61
Hanna and Stanford      62
The Teacher Early in His Career      63
Hanna Turns West      68
Hanna and His Family      71
The Teacher Later in His Career      73
Stanford Colleagues      83
Funding for the University      88
The Building America Controversy      100
International Education      111
Philanthropy      115
Conflicts with Stanford      119
Hanna’s Last Years      133
The End      135
Conclusion      136
5 Paul Hanna’s Writing Career      139
The Purpose of Social Studies      140
The School in Its Community      144
Origins of Hanna’s Social Studies Textbooks      162
Textbooks as Tools for Social Critique      173
The Expanding Communities Model Refined      181
The International Community      189
The Last Social Studies Textbooks      197
A Common Curriculum to Build Community      201
Hanna and Mathematics Education      207
Spelling Instruction      208
The World Book Encyclopedia      210
Conclusion      213
6 Paul Hanna’s Involvement in Professional Education Organizations      215
Hanna and the Philosophy of the Progressive Education Association      217
Participation in the Spring Conference      225
The Beginnings of the John Dewey Society      227
The Society for Curriculum Study      230
The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development      234
The National Education Association      239
The National Council for the Social Studies      243
Conclusion      245
7 Paul Hanna and International Development Education      249
Beginnings      251
Hanna and Postwar Germany      255
Hanna and the Philippines      259
In Southeast Asia      272
Other International Work      275
The Stanford International Development Education Center      283
Conclusion      286
8 Conclusions      291
Hanna’s Contributions to Education      292
Interpreting Hanna’s Political Views      298
Conclusion      300
Appendix A: Chronological Bibliography of Published Works by Paul R. Hanna      303
Appendix B: Partial List of Paul R. Hanna’s Doctoral Advisees at Stanford University with Dissertation Titles, Arranged Chronologically      311
Appendix C: Chronological Lists of Courses Taught by Paul R. Hanna at the Stanford University School of Education      317
  Works Cited      319
  Index      337

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Stallones, Jared.
Paul Robert Hanna : a life of expanding communities / Jared R. Stallones. p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p.) and index. ISBN 0-8179-2832-4 (alk. paper)
1. Hanna, Paul Robert, 1902–88 2. Educators—United States—Biography. I. Title.
LB875 .H222 S72 2002


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