Restoring Quality Health Care

Restoring Quality Health Care

Dr. Scott Atlas presents key reforms to increase the quality of health care and reduce its costs to meet the significant health care challenges facing the nation, particularly in light of the Affordable Care Act.

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Warriors and Citizens

Fifteen prominent experts on civil-military relations analyze data from the largest survey since 1998 of American public attitudes about military issues in order to explore the ways the public is losing connection to its military.

Lies Politicians Tell Us

Clinton, Trump, the Obama administration, and the media—all are guilty of obfuscation, deceit, and dishonesty.  

Cory Booker And The Democrats Distort History For Political Purposes

Senator Cory Booker (D, N.J.) delivered a fiery sermon at the Democratic Convention Monday night, closing with a classic preacher call and response with the audience: We will rise. But he also played fast and loose with American history, rewriting it to suit his rhetorical needs.

Vladi­mir Putin Vs Hillary Clinton: Putin Vows To Destroy 1st Woman Nominee

The US Elections 2016 is well underway and as the Democratic National Convention heats up, the party is plagued with the recent damaging email leaks that reveal the party’s committee may have favored Hillary Clinton. To make the scandal even more controversial, Russia is linked to the leak as Vladi­mir Putin vs Hillary Clinton news surface.

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