Restoring Quality Health Care

Restoring Quality Health Care

Dr. Scott Atlas presents key reforms to increase the quality of health care and reduce its costs to meet the significant health care challenges facing the nation, particularly in light of the Affordable Care Act.

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Warriors and Citizens

Fifteen prominent experts on civil-military relations analyze data from the largest survey since 1998 of American public attitudes about military issues in order to explore the ways the public is losing connection to its military.

To Wonks Hungry For Policy Details, Trump Team Serves Lighter Fare

People seeking a deeper understanding of Donald Trump's economic policy came up empty-handed this week at the Republican National Convention.

Secrets And Agents

In 2007 the state of Washington introduced a new rule aimed at making the labor market fairer: firms were banned from checking job applicants’ credit scores. Campaigners celebrated the new law as a step towards equality—an applicant with a low credit score is much more likely to be poor, black or young. 

The Libertarian: “Religious Liberty and Anti-Discrimination”

Mississippi opens up yet another front in the war between LGBT advocates and religious organizations over the extent of conscience rights.  

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