Blueprint for America

Blueprint for America

Scholars at the Hoover Institution—professors, thinkers, and practitioners of global renown in their respective fields—offer a series of policy ideas that would shore up the long-term foundations of American strengths.

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Hoover Poll: Harris Crushing Sanchez

Democratic Attorney General Kamala Harris holds a hefty lead in the California U.S. Senate race, crushing fellow Democrat Rep. Loretta Sanchez by a nearly 2-1 margin and beating her handily in virtually every demographic category, according to a new Hoover Institution poll. 

PTA Fails Science, History, Economics And Common Sense

Kids of a certain age often think their parents are clueless. Sometimes they’re right. For considering a colossally misguided proposal that fails everything—science, history and economics, to say nothing of common sense—the New York State PTA gets an “F.”

Is The US Experience Exceptional?

Research by European scholars clearly answers yes. Their studies paint a picture that is the mirror image of that in the United States. The political class in European democracies is depolarizing and/or de-sorting.

Does Stress Over Politics Mean You Need To Get A Life?

On his other blog, co-blogger Scott Sumner quotes a news article as follows: For all their sharp differences, supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have one thing in common: election-related stress.

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